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A: No. There is no obligation of any sort, just let us know some details about the property and your situtation and we will see if we can do anything to help. in the event that we cannot help you, we will direct you to someone who can help you get top dollar for your property. Just give us a call at (412) 402-9002 and we will try to help you out. After we make an offer, it is 100% your decision to proceed.
A: We analyze the situation and work with the seller to come to a win-win solution. We make an offer based off other properties within the area that have similar characteristics and have recently sold. There are many factors to consider - house style, floorplan, square footage, condition, etc.
A: We offer no fees or commissions if you choose to sell to us and we are able to give you a fair cash offer. At the time of closing, you will get a check for our offer price in full. Typically if you sell to someone else, they will make you pay fees and commissions, which reduces the total amount you recieve. Often commission to real estate agents and closing costs could cost you 10% of the purchase price. For example if you sold a $100,000 house, your would pay $10,000 upfront due to fees and commissions.
A: No. Realtors will take between 6%-10% of your selling cost, immediately reducing your profits. We don’t use realtors so can avoid real estate fees, commission costs, inspections, appraisals and ‘recommended’ repairs. No hidden costs or fees at closing time, ultimately meaning more cash for you. Remember, a realtor isn’t always on your side, their goal is to get your house sold quickly and then move on. Repairs, fees and inspection costs aren’t coming out of their pockets.
A: Outstanding debt and high interest rates can quickly spiral out of control. Bad credit can make it impossible to work with banks. Selling your home can get you the cash you need to pay off debts before they become a bigger problem, leading to loss of assets, wage garnishment and bankruptcy. We can work with you to analyze your situation and determine the best way to remedy debts and poor credit.
A: Yes. Selling vacant lots or an undeveloped piece of land can be difficult and could take months or years. Don’t get tied down to a little used or unwanted piece of ground. Get cash today and move on.
A: Yes. Often landlording is less about the property and more about people management. Things can quickly spiral out of control and tenants can take advantage of their situation. We have processes in place to remedy the situation once we purchase the property.
A: Listing a property with a typical real estate agent can take 4 or more months to sell and at least another month to close and receive bank financing. We purchase properties all cash and can close in as few as 7 days.
  • Avoid headaches with first time home buyers. Constant home showings and listing can eat away at your time and patience.
  • Avoid disturbing your tenants; we buy the property with tenants in place.
  • Avoid paying commissions or closings costs, save thousands. We streamline the process to get you cash quickly without the middle man.
  • Avoid time-wasters and tire kickers. Don’t waste time on low-ball offers and outright scams.
  • Avoid out of pocket expenses with major repairs; sell it as is. Long listing times can mean constant repair costs that aren’t going to be recouped.
  • Avoid unqualified buyers, we have the funds ready to go.
  • Avoid property evictions; we can handle that for you. Troublesome tenants can cost you thousands in property damage and lost rent.
  • Avoid vacancies and vandalism. Vacant properties are prime targets for vandals and thieves.
  • A: Yes. We have the ability to purchase a property in as few as 7 days. We make an all cash offer, which means we have cash in hand now. Getting all cash allows sellers to avoid expenses from taxes, repairs, mortgage payments, closing costs, realtor fees and other costs.
    A: We buy properties in western Pennsylvania and Ohio, however we work closely with partners in other markets. Chances are we will purchase your house, or one of our business partners will purchase your property. Give us a call at (412) 402-9002 and we will try to help your out
    A: More often than not, we purchase properties with the intention of getting them fixed up for someone else to live in. Most commonly, we will purchase a house and fix it up and sell it to someone to live in. Sometimes, we will purchase a property and rent it out to another person or sell it to another investor. We have even purchased properties for others to move into and fix up. We believe that neighborhoods that attract people to move into are well kept and have a vibrant community. More often than not, vacant dilapidated properties are unattractive and we want to do our part to help areas remain attractive to home buyers.
    A: Yes. As long as the bank hasn't taken possession we can still help
    A: Yes, we buy properties that need major work. We have worked with properties that need foundation repair, holes in the roof and missing walls. We aren't scared to tackle large projects
    A: Yes. We regularly purchase properties that have back payments. We will work with you and your lender to find a solution.
    A: Yes, we can still help you save your credit if you are facing foreclosure. Give us a call at (412) 402-9002
    A: Yes, we purchase vacant properties. We regularly purchase properties that are uninhabitable or have other issues.
    A: Yes we can still buy your house, but you will still need to pay commission.
    A: No, we make a no obligation, hassle free offer on your property. It is entirely your decision what to do after that.

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